Magnetic South is an analog recording studio and record label. Capturing the grittiest, most far out sounds in the hills of Southern Indiana since 2008.


artist: Thee Tsunamis
title: Saturday Night Sweetheart
format: 12" vinyl record [black] / 5" CD
released: 2015

More street-grit than surfside, Thee Tsunamis are a rock’n’roll joyride with hellcat weed queens at the wheel. On their debut full-length Saturday Night Sweetheart, the Midwest-turf trio—Betsy (guitar), Jenna (bass) and Sharlene (drums)—blend girl-group bubblegum with feral punk, hugging every hairpen turn along the way.

Saturday Night Sweetheart, with its jagged harmonies over fuzz-crusted pop hooks, marries the New York Dolls’ gutter-glam attitude with the sound of Brill Building teen-sploitation, to a much bloodier effect. From heart-in-a-blender tales and drag-race party anthems to the title track’s proto-punk pyrotechnics, these 12 tunes are as catchy as they are cutting and together they tell a story as old as time: what the men don’t know, the little girls understand.

Like Thee Tsunamis’ demo release A Goodbad Man Is Hard To Find (2013) and horror-concept EP Delirium and Dark Waters (2014), Saturday Night Sweetheart (May, 2015) was recorded to tape in the basement of Magnetic South and has the signature fidelity of a subterranean rock’n’roll echo-chamber. Plate reverb and tape delay spin some witchy doo wop atmospherics between slasher guitar riffs and nerve rattling rhythms. Saturday Night Sweetheart is a date you don’t want to break.

For fans of: the Trashwomen, the Shangri Las, the New York Dolls, the Ramones, the Bobbyteens, the Mummies, Girls in the Garage, and John Waters.

LP - Black vinyl records inside full color jacket with b/w insert.
CD - Glass-mastered CD's inside gatefold wallet.



artist: Psychic Baos
title: 16 Boooooty Shakin' Classics
format: cassette
released: October 2015

Bolt down the hatches! The King of Appalachian Scuzz Punk Weirdness is back with another dose of whatcha need. Psychic Baos' third cassette "16 Booooty Shakin' Classics" is a Real Wild Ride. Now is the time children. Break into that abandoned house down the road and throw that Spooky Lysergic Dance Party you've been dreaming of. Heavy of the Fuzz, Farfisa, and beyond the required amount of Screams.

For fans of Budget Rock, Back from the Grave, Quintron, The Seeds, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Pro-duplicated & imprinted orange cassette inside goody bag with ephemera.

artist: Hair Peace
title: Hair Peace EP
format: cassette
released: September 2015

14 year old psychedelic savant Avery Hoffman is doing his own thing. His thing is called Hair Peace and it's a real trip. Syd Barret cultists burnt-out on cookie cutter garage-psyche posers will appreciate the Hair Peace mind-set. It's just on a much different time/space reality than your average nostalgia head. It's not just the traditionalists and Spacemen 3 clones that need to learn the deeper truth of Hair Peace.The current crop of retro-90s Weezer worshippers who have never heard Bardo Pond need to get to this level. Their first recording done outside of Avery's parents house in Mooresville, Indiana, this is his live rock trio. They came into the Magnetic South studio, to cut four instant classics, including isolationist punk plea "Let Me Free" (he's talking about the Government) and an unbelieveable version of "Interstellar Overdrive".

Pro-duplicated & imprinted cassette with full-color j-card.

artist: The Hemingers
title: What's a Heminger?
format: 7" vinyl record
released: August 2015

7" 45pm polyvinyl chloride phonographic music disc, in silk screened jacket with artwork by Ben Lyon. Included: tiny piece of paper with a special code for digital audio.

artist: Psychic Baos
title: Society's Lien on Peace of Mind / Can't Keep Us Down
format: 7" vinyl record
released: June 2015

7" 33rpm polyvinyl chloride music disc inscribed with the raw teachings of Psychic Baos concerning liberation and the now time of freedom despite the weight of the heat bearing down on spirit, Sounds by Psychic Boas, artwork by Xerox the kid, cover notation by Sonny Blood, and a tiny piece of paper with a special code for phone music all stuffed in a plastic bag for your consumption.

Black 7" vinyl record inside black/white foldover sleeve + download code.

artist: The Cowboys
title: Live From Magnetic South
format: cassette
released: 2015

Doubt the existence of Rock and Roll? Reassure yourself with this raw set The Cowboys ripped in the basement of Magnetic South for WFHB's Local Live radio program.

Pro-duplicated & imprinted white shell cassette with full-color j-card & black imprinting.

artist: Zero Boys
title: History Of
format: cassette
released: 2014

Reissue of post-"Vicious Circle" tracks by the original Zero Boys lineup originally released on cassette by Affirmation Records.

Pro-duplicated & imprinted white shell cassette with b/w J-card & labels.

artist: Nevermores
title: Lock Your Doors
format: 12" vinyl record [black]
released: November 2014 [300 copies]

The Nevermores is the Kingsmen covered in toxic slime; it’s Question Mark & the Mysterians stripped of its dark mirrors and reveling in cross-eyed ghoulishness. Here is the sound of close-quartered Indiana teens dissecting the vestigial jangle of the ’60s to birth a true rock’n’roll Frankenstein. Play it loud, but be sure to Lock Your Doors…

It all started back in 1990, in a fever dream. Matty Uhlman, a teenager who narrowly escaped an Indiana mud flat for Bloomington’s college music scene, was overcome with a cryptic vision born on black wings. However unintelligible, his sleeping mind spelled out his fate unmistakably: The Nevermores. Twenty-three years later, the man still shutters at the sight of a crow. With a hand-me-down Farfisa organ and a couple of Back from the Grave compilations, the Nevermores concocted a handful of paint-peeling garage-punk organgrinders, and peppered their sets with Nuggets "standards" to keep the party goingwell past curfew. Although they were unaware of the 60's punk pilfering happening inhipper cities at the time, they were drinking from the same cup as the The Gories and the Mummies

The teenybopper horror freakshow that was the Nevermores played just a few lease-breaking house parties before landing a bar gig, which the under-aged quintet weaseled their way into by distributing fake fliers with the Nevermores on the bill!

Lock Your Doors is a testament to the wild abandon and iron-clad will of bored teens full of rock’n’roll conviction, and captures their live sound in all its feral and fanged glory. Under the tutelage of John Terrill (Dancing Cigarettes, Mad Monk) and Dan Willems, the Nevermores gathered around a 4-track tape machine in a soggy basement, and blasted through their repertoire. Here, the Nevermores give you a monstrous platter of gut-punching one-take tunes. Fate doesn’t permit second chances and these kids could give a fuck about doing it right.

Black vinyl records inside 2-color silkscreened jacket.

artist: Apache Dropout
title: Heavy Window
format: 12" vinyl record [black] / 5" CD
released: August 2014 [1000 copies each format]

After three LPs and a clutch of 45s, Southern Indiana’s Apache Dropout have loosened an adherence to the divine mono sound and forged a scaly stereo technique for HEAVY WINDOW This is a deeper, blown out swagger of peer-less rock ‘n’ roll filtered through a lush three-dimensional spectrum

These 11 songs hoist Sonny Blood as one of today’s finest guitarist/writers stewed in the melodic tonic of Sir Winston & The Commons and his own fug’ed ‘n’ frenzied, black-out solos. Overdubbed and bounced between tracks until saturation set in, Sonny’s fuzz drenches the caveman rhythms into a timeless sound poetry smacking onto our suffering, circumstance and flesh. Yet this trio’s songs about conspiracies, revolutionaries and paranoia remain maverick, compact pop songs tethered to a chorus and groove.

Just as their self-titled debut snapped heads back, Apache Dropout has proven again they can rescore the garage rock aesthetic and remain undisputed purveyors of true lysergic North American boogie.

Formed in 2008, Apache Dropout have toured the sub-U.S. underground insistently while chaste to their uncompromising, out-of-step vision. After previous full-lengths on Trouble In Mind and Family Vineyard, Apache Dropout return to Magnetic South, the imprint of their debut single and the publishing arm of their analogue studio, for this LP/CD release. John Dawson recorded this album at the Bloomington, Indiana studio during fall 2013. LP comes with download code.

LP - Black vinyl records inside full color jacket with b/w insert.
CD - Black/white glass-mastered CD's inside gatefold wallet.

12" LP


artist: Vacation Club
title: Heaven is Too High
format: 12" vinyl record [black]
released: May 2014 [500 copies]

Vacation Club’s debut full-length HEAVEN IS TOO HIGH fries you blind with a most pleasant and poisonous cocktail of psych-pop. The Indiana four-piece delivers infectiously poppy bubblegum chewed up and spit out by the agitated and chemical laced mind of misspent Midwestern youth.

In the tradition of HOOSIER HYSTERIA proto-punk, ala the Gizmos and the Panics, the Vacation boys turn the sounds of rocknroll’s distant shores into a homebaked brand of mutant sunshine and junkstore adrenaline. HEAVEN’S 11 tracks are sweet-tart melodies wrapped in colorful capsules that will turn your innards into a kaleidoscopic feast of rocknroll’s most alkaline fruit flavors.

Catchy punk riffs and teenybop backup vocals dart through stratospheric layers of reverb and corrosive fuzz guitar. With equal parts Daniel Johnston’s boy wonder and Johnny Rotten’s snottiness, Samuel James’s hormone-fueled and soda-lacquered voice cuts through all the paranoid chatter and leaves your better angels dead on the dissection table. Because heaven’s too high and she’s worth every shot.

Black vinyl records inside full color jacket with b/w insert.

artist: Thee Tsunamis
title: A Goodbad Man is Hard to Find
format: C28 [TYPE I - pro-dubbed]
released: 1st Pressing (May 2013) - 3rd Pressing (Summer 2014)

Smoldering minimal Rock 'n' Roll trio Thee Tsunamis are likely to leave you more scorched than soggy when their wave crashes on the beach. 6 string dynamite exploding with a touch of twang, plus plenty of scream and skronk to make the surfers drop their boards and run for cover.

Glossy full color double-sided insert & pro-dubbed clear cassette with white imprint inside clear hardshell case.

artist: Apache Dropout
title: Bubblegum Graveyard
format: C60 [TYPE I - pro-dubbed]
released: Summer 2012 [300 copies]

Traveling down the long road of Indiana's great & rich musical history will lead you past The Gizmos, The Zero Boys, Brad Long, Zerfas & eventually to Bloomington trio Apache Dropout. The band's self-titled 2011 album was a kick in the pants to everyone who dared cry that 'rock is dead,' infusing psych, garage, pop & boogie with enough soul & blood to pump a thousand hearts.

Pro-dubbed cassettes in clear shells with white imprinting and full color inserts.